Training Courses

The Central School SFS in Czestochowa organizes a number of courses and training. 


Classes can be conducted in 21 lecture rooms or an assembly hall, which seats 200 people. The assembly hall is equipped with modern equipment that allows for simultaneous interpretation. Among the lecture rooms, are, inter alia, laboratories of:  

- tactics of firefighting operations, 

- tactics of rescue operations, 

- technical equipment, 

- foreign languages, 

- medical rescue, 

- information technology (2 laboratories for 12 and 24 seats).

The school, as the only one in the country, has a firefighting training ground on-site. It contains about 40 training stands in the field of chemical rescue, technical rescue, internal and external firefighting.

The school cooperates with other fire service schools as well as domestic and foreign institutions of a similar nature. The school staff actively participate in the exchange of experiences, taking part in training courses organized by friendly universities.