Captain M.Eng. Piotr Placek 

Appointed on 01.04.2007 



The responsibilities of the independent position for occupational health and safety are:


1. carrying out an inspection of working conditions and observance of occupational health and safety regulations, 

2. informing the Commandant of the School about identified hazards and requesting for their removal, 

3. preparing and presenting  information and analyses concerning occupational health and safety and ergonomics to the Commandant of the School, 

4. participation in determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at work and preparing proposals in connection with it, 

5. cooperation with the School organizational units and non-school institutions in the field  of occupational health and safety and ergonomics, 

6. supervision and cooperation on preventive medical care for employees, cadets and students at School, 

7. conducting training courses in occupational health and safety and execution of tasks arising from the curriculum, 

8. performing other works related to prevention of occupational hazards at School.