Head of Department of Organization and Personnel

Major M.Eng. Aleksandra Kaczmarzyk

Appointed on 15.10.2013


The organizational unit for organization and personnel is responsible for:


1.providing administrative and office support for employees of the School, 

2.coordinating issues concerning directions, programmes and plans connected with the School activity, 

3.personnel administration of employees of the School,

4.managing the School archives,

5. keeping records of normative acts regulating the activity of the Commandant of the School,

6.keeping records and ordering stamps and seals for the needs of the School,

7.running cases concerning medical care and organization of ambulatory care of cadets, students, and employees of the School, 

8.organizing internal control, and conducting analyses and evaluation of the results of the control for the Commandant of the School, cooperating with external control bodies, 

9.providing medical and psychological assistance to participants of the educational process, 

10.cooperation with government, local government, economic institutions, and social institutions and organizations on the activities promoting the development of the city and region, 

11.performing tasks related to the protection of classified information and defense matters, and the registry.