Head of Department of Rescue and Firefighting Operations 

Lieutenant Colonel M.Eng. Robert Klecha

Appointed on 01.10.2010



The organizational unit for rescue and firefighting operations is responsible for:



1. conducting firefighting and rescue operations at the disposal of the control rooms: the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service, Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service and National Headquarters of the State Fire Service

2. participation in classes conducted as part of the education and training implemented at the School,

3. conducting professional training for the staff and students, and providing supervision of the training,

4. participation in exercises organized by the units within: the Municipal and District Headquarters, Provincial Headquarters and National Headquarters of the State Fire Service,

5. carrying out documentation for rescue and training needs, 

6. carrying out rescue and firefighting operations and maintaining combat-ready forces and resources that belong to the central operation reserve of the Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service, 

7. conducting vocational training,  

8. promoting fire safety  with regard to rescue and firefighting operations at and outside the School, 

9. analysis of rescue and firefighting operations conducted by the School in order to improve their effectiveness, 

10. maintaining rescue and firefighting equipment and technical equipment in a good technical condition, 

11. coordinating activities connected with equipping the School with rescue equipment and extinguishing agents.