Department of School Subunits

Head of the Department of School Subunits

Major M.Eng. Marek Grabałowski 

Appointed on 01.10.2010



The organizational unit for school subunits is responsible for:

1.educating students on issues related to service in the State Fire Service, 

2.educating students in order to to shape attitudes appropriate for the work as State Fire Service officers, 

3.getting students into the habit of feeling responsible for the equipment and School’s property entrusted to them, and maintaining the proper technical condition of facilities and equipment,

4. supporting the psychophysical development of students as well as their abilities and interests, 

5.providing students and employees of the School with an opportunity for active development by organizing extra-curricular activities, cultural activities and activities in the field of physical culture and sport,

6.providing students with assistance and support in overcoming problems and troubles in life and at school, 

7.organizing vocational training for students, 

8.maintaining cooperation with other organizational units of the School in order to regularly monitor students’ progress in learning and conduct,

9.keeping a record of student’s leave, conducting analysis of student’s leave, and granting students permission to take leave ,

10.monitoring whether classes are held according to the schedule,  

11.providing students with administrative and office support,

12.maintaining the school subunits in operational readiness for actions within the Central Operational Reserve,

13.organizing various leisure and recreational activities in student’s free time, 

14.planning, organization and supervision of the School’s internal departments and the protection system of the School’s facilities, 

15.preparing and organizing ceremonies provided for firefighting ceremonial.