Department of Education


Head of Department of Education
Lieutenant Colonel M.Eng. Jacek Antos
Appointed on 01.07.2011


The organizational unit for education is responsible for: 
1.planning, organization and coordination of education, training, and professional development, of firefighting technicians – a full-time course for young people, of firefighting technicians – a part-time course for firefighters of the State Fire Service 
4.conducting supplementary training for firefighters of fire protection units 
5.conducting training courses in contracted works,
6.organization of professional training in fire protection and civil protection,
7.cooperation with universities, fire service schools, fire protection units, research and education centres, educational institutions, 
8.conducting in-service training (professional training for employees of the School), 
9.promoting the history of firefighting and caltivating traditions related to firefighting, 
10.providing students and staff of the School with an opportunity for active development by organizing extra-curricular activities, cultural activities and activities in the field of physical culture and sport,
11.pedagogical and teaching supervision of education and  training process,
12.implementation of the Teachers’ Board decisions within its statutory power, 
13.analyzing and improving effectiveness of education, 
14.keeping records of teaching, 
15.coordinating the act of equipping the School with teaching resources and materials.