Department of Pedagogical Development



Head of Department of Pedagogical Development 

Major M.Eng Jarosław Jankowski

Appointed on 10.01.2007



The organizational unit for pedagogical development is responsible for:


1.analyzing and assisting in the processes of planning and organizing education, training and professional development, 

2.collaboration with universities, schools, and scientific and research institutions, 

3.content-related and educational advising on the implementation of curriculums and syllabuses,

4.analysis of the needs and the design and preparation of resources and teaching materials, 

5.planning and organizing the publishing business,

6.managing the School Library,

7.supporting the process of professional development of teaching staff,

8.collection, processing and preparation of the latest scientific and technical information,

9.implementation of modern technology to prepare classes, 

10.maintaining cooperation with lecturers and instructors in order to analyze and improve the effectiveness of education process,

11. planning and organizing courses for fire safety  inspectors, courses in civil protection, training and symposiums on contracted works,

12.planning and organizing conferences and symposiums, management of  events and school events,

14.supervision of the school assembly halls and multimedia teaching equipment,

15.running and maintaining the school website and intranet school website.