Training firefighters from Moldova round II

From 18 March to 28 March 2013. Central School PSP implemented training for 10 fire brigade rescuers from Moldova .

   St . Brig. MSc. Marek Chmiel Commander of the Central School of the State Fire Service in Czestochowa has consistently pursued close cooperation with foreign firefighters from Moldova , Ukraine, Georgia , Belarus, England, Scotland , Ireland, Germany , Czech Republic and Slovakia. With such common training constantly raised the level of classes in Czestochowa school .


   The training at the Central School in Czestochowa PSP was implemented under the project : " IDENTIFY and LIQUIDATION HAZARD in TIME FIRES , and TECHNICAL CHEMICAL RESCUE " and was one of the elements of a multi-annual development cooperation program for the period 2012 - 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

   The project rescuers from Moldova have been trained in the recognition and elimination of hazards in the chemical and technical rescue . The selection of subjects was determined on the basis of common agreement between the Parties . Classes were conducted on the military school in modern classrooms and laboratories and practical laboratories , by CS PSP staff and external experts . Joint exercises of our guests from Moldova with the cast of the school and Rescue Units - Fire Fighting been a great field to exchange experiences, and also offer an opportunity for comparison of emergency procedures in both countries .

   Training carried out at the Central School PSP, contributed to the increase in the competence of public services Moldova , and thus made ​​it possible to increase the efficiency of its activities, improve security and the environment.

   An existing project is a continuation of initiated cooperation in 2010 , in which trained rescuers from Ukraine and Georgia in the field of technical rescue . Training in the current year are addressed to rescuers from Ukraine , Moldova and Afghanistan.


Filed training included inter alia :


• Identifying hazards - marking hazardous chemical materials in transport, storage and marketing ,

• Tactics in chemical rescue ,

• Equipment to reduce oil spills ,

• Targeting salvage operations , coordination , cooperation with the media,

• Rescue after a construction accident , searching for missing persons

• Legal basis of the chemical and environmental rescue in Poland

• Chemical hazards and ecological - the sources , causes and consequences of their occurrence .

• Tactics rescue ecological,

• Recognize the risks - and control equipment - Measuring the determination of hazardous chemicals ,

• Protection of the environment after the action ,

• Clothing and personal protective equipment rescuer

• Distribution of extinguishing agents and their effects. Quick -fighting equipment ,

• Fire fighting substances particularly hazardous and other

• Fixed firefighting systems : water , foam, powder , gas, aerosol ,

• Operating temperature electrical equipment. Causes of hazards and electrical installations . Fire safety in the use of electrical equipment and systems - legal issues. Statistics causes of fires in Poland. Examples of fires caused by phenomena in electrical plant and equipment ,

• Study: electric cables under overload conditions , connections, contacts in devices and electrical devices ,

• Accidents involving road transport trucks. Emergency lift trucks. Analysis of selected events

• Use of medical equipment in fire and rescue operations .


   The knowledge gained during the training will be given to the firefighters of the units in which they serve the trainees .

   The measures implemented in the project are of particular importance to strengthening international cooperation on such an important sector , which is the improvement of emergency services. Of the project is to support and promote the cooperation of firefighters from different countries.

   The project " Polish Aid 2012-2015 ," which implements the Central School of PSP with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs, is not just training . It is also hardware support . Rescuers from Moldova to return to their country with the likes of :

- Special clothing and footwear ,

- Multi-gas detector ,

- Sets the security action area ,

- Gas-tight clothes ,

- Masks of filtropochłaniaczami ,

- Decontamination kits .


   As part of the cultural program prepared trip and tour of Krakow. Our guests visited the Auschwitz- Birkenau . During the end of the training Commandant Brigadier CS PSP st . Marek Chmiel said:

"While conducting classes , our teachers tried to present to you the practical skills of the principles of modern chemical and technical rescue . From the perspective of these ten days of training reassured myself that what we do has a profound meaning. I met many interesting people. There was an exchange of views and experiences , as well as new ideas emerged to organize another interesting training.

The unique atmosphere that prevailed during each day, the warmth of all parties made ​​willingly and joyfully take up new tasks in the framework of the Eastern Partnership . "

   During the ceremony at the end of training Commandant of the Central School of the State Fire Service in Czestochowa City of Brig. MSc. Marek Chmiel , along with Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Ruszyka Ivanowiczem - commander of the firefighters delegation from Moldova, declared their desire and need for further cooperation.




During the training of rescuers from Moldova met with :

- Lord nadbryg . Piotr Kwiatkowski - Deputy Commander in Chief of the PSP ,

- Lord nadbryg . Mark Handle - Silesian Provincial Commander of the PSP ,

- Lord Lt.-Col. Krzysztof Tarapacz - Military Commander of Replenishment in Czestochowa ,

- Lord Makonde . Slawomir Lithuanian - Deputy Commandant of the Municipal Police in Czestochowa ,

- Colonel Lord . Stanislaw Słyżem - Head of the Department of Emergency Management , Civil Protection and Defence of the City of Częstochowa.



Classes were conducted by employees of CS PSP and external lecturers :

1 Brig. Jan Kolda - Physical Chemistry of Combustion

2 Junior Brigadier . Wieslaw Werner - Deputy Commander of the JRG - Tactics Action Extinguishing ,

3 Junior Brigadier . Marek Poterek - Tactics Action Rescue - Rescue Chemistry - Ecology,

4 st Cpt. Peter Placek - Occupational Health and Safety ,

5 st Cpt. Arthur Ankowski - Tactics Action Rescue - Rescue Chemistry - Ecology,

6 st Cpt. Mariusz Adventure - Identify Risks - Risks in Electrical Networks ,

7 st Cpt. Jaroslaw Wojtania - Emergency Medical Services ,

8 Cpt. Paul Penar - Emergency Medical Services ,

9 Cpt. David Kręciwilk - Extinguishing Media ,

10 Adrian Barasiński - Hazards of Electrical Networks ,

11 Brig. Jacek Antos - Fixed Firefighting The devices ,

12 Brig. Dariusz tick - Commander JRG Mining oak wood - Technical Rescue Specialist ,

13 st Cpt. Artur Baszczyński - Specialist in building disasters - SFS Lodz,

14 asp . staff . Krzysztof Siwicki of Chemical Rescue Unit - Fire Fighting

Katowice - Piotrowicach