The first round of training under the Polish Aid

Starting the first round of training activities in the framework of Polish Foreign Aid in 2011

On 22 August 2011, in the chair. 17.00 was officially the start of the first round of training conducted by the Central School of the State Fire Service in the framework of Polish Foreign Aid in 2011 co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The " Tactics activities in technical rescue and medical - the transfer of knowledge through the organization of specialized internships for staff of the Ukrainian and Georgian firefighters " is designed for rescuers from Lviv State University Safety and Civil Protection , and rescuers delegated by the Office for the Management of Dangerous Situation of the City of Tbilisi .

Commencement ceremony honored by the presence of eminent guests :

- Stanislaw oak - and vice- Silesian province governor

- Vitaly Maksymenko - Consul General of Ukraine in Krakow

- Georgi Czartolani - First Secretary of the Embassy of Georgia

- Christopher Matyjaszczyk - Mayor of Częstochowa

- Nadbryg . Piotr Kwiatkowski - Deputy Commander in Chief of the PSP in Warsaw

- Brigadier General Theophilus Jankowski - former Commander in Chief of the PSP and former Commander of the CS PSP

- Junior Brigadier . Jacek Borowski - Director of Training SFS in Warsaw

- Junior Brigadier . Thomas Kołodziejczyk - Director of International Cooperation Office in Warsaw SFS

- Senior Brigadier . Jeremi Szczygłowski - Deputy Commander-in- Silesian Provincial PSP in Katowice

- Lecturers and heads of departments CS PSP in Czestochowa

The ceremony began Commandant of the Central School of PSP in Czestochowa City of Brig. Marek Chmiel warmly welcomed the guests , especially the delegations from Georgia and Ukraine. Commandant pointed out that one of the elements of the project except for the transfer of knowledge in the field of technical rescue , and medical road will enhance international cooperation on rescue services , support and promote the cooperation of firefighters from different countries and the promotion of Polish history, tradition and culture.

Then there was a presentation of lecturers and instructors who will be conducting classes during training, presented a video about the school and spoke guests taking part in the ceremony . At the end of a brief demonstration of brass band music demonstrated Volunteer Fire Department in Mykanów .

After the official start of the project trainees passed special clothing and emergency medical kits PSP - R- 1 , which were purchased under the project and where it will be used throughout the duration of the training .

Then the Commander of the School City of Brig. Marek Chmiel invited the guests to visit the school in the course of which showed a new building for teaching - barracks.