Training firefighters from Afghanistan round II

On June 17, 2013. took place to start training for 19 firefighters from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan .


The grand opening of training made ​​Commander of the Central School of the State Fire Service in Czestochowa

Senior Brigadier . MSc. Marek Chmiel .

The opening ceremony was attended Military Commandant of Supplements in Czestochowa Lieutenant Colonel . Krzysztof Tarapacz and heads and teachers who will conduct classes during the training .


The scope of the training will include , inter alia:


- The organization of fire protection in Poland

- Tasks and functioning of the National Rescue - Fire Fighting ,

- Qualified first aid,

- Fire safety of buildings,

- Respiratory equipment ,

- Equipment and fittings water - foam,

- Fire extinguishing tactics internal

- Emergency equipment hydraulic and pneumatic .


The selection of subjects was determined on the basis of demand from partners. Classes will be conducted on the military school in well-equipped classrooms with logistic and medical emergency room .


Fire fighters from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan represent :


- Fire Brigade Headquarters in Kabul

- Divisions logistyczy and Prevention Fire Brigade in Kabul

- Fire Rescue Unit in Kabul.


The group is chaired Bige Gh . Naqshband .


In addition to scheduled classes for Afghan firefighters also provided a cultural program aimed at presenting the traditions and history of Polish . Under this program, the participants will visit , among other things :


- Krakow ,

- Jura Cracow - Czestochowa ,

- Katowice,

- Monastery of Jasna Góra.


The " Basic training in tactics and rescue - fire fighting and prevention " is part of the multi-annual program of development cooperation for the years 2012 - 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs .