Training firefighters from Afghanistan tour I

From 3 to 16 December 2012 . held a " Basic training in tactics and rescue - fire fighting and prevention " for the firefighters of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan .

The Central School of the State Fire Service in Czestochowa, led by the Commander Brigadier st . MSc. Mark Chmiel has consistently pursued close cooperation with foreign firefighters from many countries, including from Moldova , Ukraine, Georgia , Belarus, England, Scotland , Ireland, Germany , the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With such a joint exchange of experience steadily raised the standard of training is carried out in Czestochowa school .


Training for our guests from Afghanistan at the Central School in Czestochowa PSP was implemented within the framework of the project: POLAND AID in 2012 and is one component of a multi-annual development cooperation program for the period 2012-2015 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

The language barrier and cultural was not able to prevent rescuers from Polish and Afghanistan in the exchange of experience, implementation of joint exercises , as well as making new friends. Once again, we found that rescue knows no bounds.

Our guests from Afghanistan were very impressed with what equipment has Polish Fire Brigade, as comprehensively educated are our rescuers , and what training base has Central School .

The highlight of the training was a joint exercise Polish and Afghan firefighters. The harsh winter weather conditions were realized two assumptions :

- Car fire ,

- Collision of a passenger car with a burning rail tanker .

Interaction rescuers should be well evaluated and lessons learned are invaluable material for the implementation of further international training .

Continued warfare for 30 years , the progress in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan exposes the work of local firefighters to extreme situations . This fact was often emphasized by the Major . Hamdullaha Sohrabiego - the head of a group of firefighters from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan , which is thanked for the help so far Polish firefighters, soldiers , volunteers serving in Afghanistan.

The project rescuers have been trained in the field : the organization of fire protection in Poland , tasks and functioning of the National Firefighting and Rescue System , a qualified first aid , fire safety of buildings , equipment, respiratory protection equipment and fittings water - foam , fire extinguishing tactics internal emergency equipment hydraulic and pneumatic .

They met in addition functioning of the National Rescue - Firefighting in Poland , which is one of the most internationally recognized .

The selection of subjects was determined on the basis of common agreement between the Parties . Classes were conducted on the military school by CS PSP staff and external experts in modern classrooms and laboratories and practical laboratories.


Filed training included inter alia the following issues:

- Training of health and safety ,

- The organization of fire protection in Poland

- Tasks and functioning of the National System Rescue and Fire Fighting ,

- Tasks of the State Fire Service ,

- Qualified First Aid - Kits PSP R1 and R2,

- Fire safety in buildings - Fire protection requirements for buildings ,

- Security of buildings,

- Respiratory Protective Equipment - A smoke chamber ,

- Hardware & Fittings Water and foam,

- Extensions of fighting with hardware and fittings water and foam - flash-over chamber ,

- Tactics internal fighting fires and forest fires ,

- Classes of fire extinguishing internal

- Rescue equipment Hydraulic and pneumatic

- Tactics rescue operations during road

- Presentation of the operation of the fire and rescue units and the Emergency Response Centre for the example of the Municipal Headquarters PSP in Czestochowa.


The project was implemented at the Central School PSP, will increase the competence of public services in Afghanistan , and thus will improve the efficiency of tasks , improving safety and the environment.

The knowledge gained during the training will be given to the firefighters of the units in which they serve the trainees .

The measures implemented in the project are of particular importance to strengthening international cooperation on such an important sector , which is the improvement of emergency services. Of the project is to support and promote the cooperation of firefighters from different countries.

The " Polish Aid 2012" , which the Central School of PSP performs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs, is not just training . It is also hardware support . Rescuers from Afghanistan will receive the following technical equipment :

- Emergency medical kits PSP R1,

- A set of high and low air pressure

- A set of hydraulic rescue road

- Special clothing .

Many thanks to Mr. President of Czestochowa Krzysztof Matyjaszczykowi and Ms. Barbara Mizerze - Director of Social Welfare Centre in Częstochowa , through which passed dozens of stuffed animals , toys, games , and a new , warm clothes for the Afghans.

The training was attended by honorable guests include :

- Mr. Salim Zabardast - Consul of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Poland ,

- Mr. Major . Hamdullah Sohrabi - the head of a group of firefighters from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan ,

- Mr. Brig. were buried in st . Theophilus Jankowski - former Commander in Chief of the PSP and PSP Commander of the Central School ,

- Mr. Senior Brigadier . Stanislaw Sulenta - Advisor to the Chief of the PSP ,

- Mr. Younger Brig. Krzysztof Pietrasik - Head of Bilateral Cooperation in the Office of International Cooperation Headquarters PSP

- Lord Lt.-Col. Darius Siwek - Director of the Internal Security Agency Delegation in Katowice ,

- Mr. Colonel . Roman Łubiński - Deputy Commander-in- Silesian Border Guard ,

- Mr. George Kuban - Deputy Head of the Department of Emergency Management , Medical University of Czestochowa ,

- Mr. junior inspector . Arthur Bednarek - Commander of the Municipal Police in Czestochowa ,

- Lord Lt.-Col. Dipl . Krzysztof Tarapacz - Commander of WKU in Czestochowa.


Classes during training conducted following lecturers :

- Junior Brigadier . Alexander Kaczmarzyk - Organization Ohrony fire . in Poland ,

- Brig. Roman Rob Nicholls - Commander JRG - Tactics Action Extinguishing ,

- Brig. Thomas Siemiętowski - Tactics Action Extinguishing ,

- Junior Brigadier . Krzysztof Pielka - Fire Safety Building ,

- Senior Captain . Łukasz Konieczny - Technical equipment ,

- Senior Captain . Arthur Tokarz - Tactics Action Extinguishing ,

- Senior Captain . Peter Placek - Training in health and safety,

- Senior Captain . Jaroslaw Wojtania - Emergency Medical Services ,

- Cpt. Paul Penar - Emergency Medical Services ,

- Younger Cpt. Peter Ujma - Technical equipment ,

- Younger Cpt. Kamil Piotrowski - Tactics Action Extinguishing ,

- P Mariusz Basiak - Recognizing Threats,

- School staff units and Rescue - Fire Fighting .