Training firefighters from Moldova round I

The Central School of the State Fire Service is launching a project Fri " Identification and elimination of hazards during fires , chemical and technical rescue - training for firefighters from Moldova " . The project is implemented under the Multi-Year Programme of Development Cooperation for the years 2012 - 2015 , implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The project will be implemented modularly , in each of the two modules will be trained 10 representatives of the Moldovan firefighters . Trainees will be selected by the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova . Training will be held from 24 September to 5 October 2012 and from 18 to 29 March 2013.


In the period from 24 September to 5 October 2012. Central School PSP implemented training for 10 representatives of the Fire Brigade of Moldova.

St . Brig. MSc. Marek Chmiel Commander of the Central School of the State Fire Service in Czestochowa has consistently pursued close cooperation with foreign firefighters , among others, from Moldova , Ukraine, Georgia , Belarus, England, Scotland , Ireland, Germany , the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With such a joint workshop continually raised the level of training activities in the rapidly growing school of Czestochowa .


The training at the Central School in Czestochowa PSP was implemented under the project : " IDENTIFY and LIQUIDATION HAZARD in TIME FIRES , and TECHNICAL CHEMICAL RESCUE " and was one of the elements of a multi-annual development cooperation program for the period 2012 - 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

The project rescuers from Moldova have been trained in the recognition and elimination of hazards in the chemical and technical rescue . The selection of subjects was determined on the basis of common agreement between the Parties . Classes were conducted on the military school in modern classrooms and laboratories and laboratories for practical CS PSP staff and external experts . Joint exercises of our guests from Moldova with the cast of the school and Rescue Units - Fire Fighting been a great field to exchange experiences, and also offer an opportunity for comparison of emergency procedures in both countries .

During the workshop firefighters from Polish and Moldova could share their insights on the differences in the rescue in their countries.

Training carried out at the Central School PSP, contributed to the increase in the competence of public services Moldova , and thus will improve the efficiency of tasks , improving safety and the environment.

     The project is a continuation launched in 2010 for cooperation in the framework of the trained rescuers inter alia, in Ukraine and Georgia in the field of technical rescue . Training in the current year are addressed to rescuers from Ukraine , Moldova.


Filed training included inter alia :


- Recognize risks - labeling of hazardous chemical materials in transport, storage and marketing ,

- Tactics rescue chemical

- Equipment to reduce oil spills ,

- Targeting salvage operations , coordination , cooperation with the media,

- Rescue the construction cases , the search for missing persons

- Legal basis of the chemical and environmental rescue in Poland

- Chemical and environmental hazards - sources , causes and consequences of their occurrence . Tactics rescue ecological,

- Recognize risks - control equipment - Measuring the determination of hazardous chemicals ,

- Protection of the environment after the action ,

- Clothing and personal protective equipment rescuer

- Distribution of extinguishing agents and their effects. Quick -fighting equipment ,

- Extinguishing fires Examples : substances particularly hazardous and other

- Fixed firefighting systems : water , foam, powder , gas, aerosol ,

- Operating temperature electrical equipment. Causes of hazards and electrical installations . Fire safety in the use of electrical equipment and systems - legal issues. Statistics causes of fires in Poland. Examples of fires caused by phenomena in electrical plant and equipment ,

- Study : electric cables under overload conditions , connections, contacts in devices and electrical devices ,

- Accidents in road communication involving trucks . Emergency lift trucks. Analysis of selected events

- Application of medical equipment in fire and rescue operations .


The knowledge gained during the training will be given to the firefighters of the units in which they serve the trainees .

The measures implemented in the project are of particular importance to strengthening international cooperation on such an important sector , which is the improvement of emergency services. Of the project is to support and promote the cooperation of firefighters from different countries.

The project " Polish Aid 2012" , which implements the Central School of PSP with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs, is not just training . It is also hardware support . Rescuers from Moldova to return to their country with the likes of :

- Special clothing and footwear ,

- Emergency medical kits PSP R1,

- Multi-gas detector ,

- Sets the security action area ,

- Gas-tight clothes ,

- Masks of filtropochłaniaczami .

 Participants of the training course in addition to CS PSP had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the operation of HP PSP Mining oak wood .


 As part of the cultural program prepared trip and visit to Kraków, as well as the Monastery of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa. Our guests also visited the Auschwitz- Birkenau .

During the ceremony at the end of training Commandant of the Central School of the State Fire Service in Czestochowa City of Brig. MSc. Marek Chmiel , along with Colonel Vladimir Valerim CERGE - commander of the firefighters delegation from Moldova declared their desire and need for further cooperation.


His training was honored by the presence of , among others, :

- Mrs. Anita Kołodyńska - representative of the Office of International Cooperation Headquarters of the State Fire Service,

- Senior Brigadier . Zbigniew Hibner - Commander of the Municipal PSP in Czestochowa ,

- Junior inspector . Arthur Bednarek Municipal Police Commander of Czestochowa ,

- Lieutenant Colonel . Krzysztof Tarapacz Military Commandant of Supplements in Czestochowa ,

- Col. Stanislaw Słyż - Head of Crisis Management , Conservation

Population and Defence Affairs Office of Częstochowa ,

- Col. Vladimir Valeriu CERGE - Commander firefighters delegation from Moldova .

- At the end of the firemen were also present from Ternopil in Ukraine together with the City of Brig. Vinicius Jarczykiem of SFS Katowice, who was a patron of the group.


Classes were conducted by employees of CS PSP :

Brig. Jan Kolda - Physical Chemistry of Combustion

Brig. Roman Rob Nicholls - Commander JRG - Tactics Action Extinguishing ,

Junior Brigadier . Marek Poterek - Tactics Action Rescue - Rescue chemical - organic,

st Cpt. Peter Placek - Occupational Health and Safety ,

st Cpt. Arthur Ankowski - Tactics Action Rescue - Rescue chemical - organic,

st Cpt. Mariusz Adventure - Identify Risks - the risk of electrical networks ,

st Cpt. Jaroslaw Wojtania - Emergency Medical Services ,

Cpt. Paul Penar - Emergency medical

Cpt. David Kręciwilk - Extinguishing

Adrian Barasiński - Risks of electrical networks ,

Mariusz Basiak - Fixed firefighting furnishing ,

Brig. Dariusz tick - Commander JRG Mining oak wood - specialized technical rescue group

st Cpt. Artur Baszczyński - Specialist in building disasters - SFS boat

 asp . staff . Krzysztof Siwicki of chemical rescue units - extinguishing

Katowice - Piotrowicach